About us


Riccardo Duradoni Srl was established in 1966 in Prato, ltaly, thanks to the founder Riccardo. The mission of the business was to be a broker between the major world producers of wool and fine threads, and the textile district of Prato and Biella. Over the years, thanks to the brilliant management and the growing demand, the office expanded, and Fabio Trinci and Fabrizio Cartei became part of the team. The new asset covered the needs of the various ltalian textile districts and it allowed the expansion and the discovering of new foreign customers.
ln the 2000s first Daniel, then David, both Riccardo;s sons, joined the business. Daniel continued his father’s work with the fibers, while the David established something totally new for the business, the direct
sale of yarns either from origin then of European products. ln 2010, thanks to the growing demand for yarns, Gianni Pagliai became part of the team.
Despite the recent recession and the death of the founder Riccardo, the office maintains a leadership position and it’s a landmarkfor allthose who are interesting in buying raw materials and yarns, offering a competent, reliable and effective service.